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The Bible Line - September 6, 2022



A Listener that called in - How do you go about defending a pro life position when a friend brings up in the Bible that the Israelites killed children when conquering Canaan, or David’s child dying as punishment from his sin with Bathsheba?

Amelia, Beaufort, SC - Pastor Carl, Is there a good book you would recommend that explains the difference of what the Bible says and what Calvinism is? I’d love something to reference when I hear or read something from a Calvinist that I disagree with but can’t always remember the specifics of. Obviously the Bible is the first place I go but I’m looking for a book to thoroughly explain the differences of the religion from the Bible with scripture references. Thanks!

Alberto, Savannah, GA - Does 1 Cor. 6:9-11 refer to believers or unbelievers?

Kelly, Rincon, GA - How do you let a church group know that communion is not for children who have not believed yet. They quote  "Let the little children come to me" as reason for them to, but how do you communicate it is only for believers, hence believing children? Any Scriptures would be appreciated.

Marty M., Columbia, SC - I was wondering if you knew anything about "the well," a men’s bible study group, also about a new church planting group called https://www.recovery.church/ and what you think about these if you know anything?

Anthony B., Guyton, GA - In your recent sermon you mentioned that heaven would not be the same for every believer. Is that what Romans 14 is talking about?

Speaker: Dr. Carl Broggi

September 6, 2022

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