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Institute of Biblical Studies


The Institute of Biblical Studies (IBS) is sponsored by Search The Scriptures, Inc. as a continuing education opportunity for those individuals who desire a Certificate of Biblical Studies. The Certificate of Biblical Studies combines core and elective areas of study to provide a breadth of exposure to the areas of study prescribed. The course of study will include eleven (11) required and two (2) elective area of study. These thirteen (13) areas of study will compose the IBS Certificate of Biblical Studies and will total thirty-five (35) credit hours. The Certificate may be ideal for laypersons desiring some seminary study, missionaries required to complete a course of Bible/theological education prior to their service, or persons who desire to experience seminary to clarify their ministry calling.


IBS applicants who desire a Certificate of Biblical Studies must:

Complete all of the lectures (on campus or by CD or DVD) and note taking outlines
Complete required assignments (external reading or written summaries) from each area of study
Complete and pass each area of study's Final Examination
Complete the two (2) elective requirements


The following requirements must be met to complete the Certificate of Biblical Studies:

Demonstrate a working knowledge of the content of the English Bible
Complete all eleven (11) required areas of study and two (2) electives with a passing grade of 70% or better
Read all assigned external material


Angelology - A theological study of Angels, both good and evil
Consists of lessons ANG001 - ANG011
Credit Hours: 3

Anthropology - A theological study in origins and nature of man
Consists of lessons ANT001 - ANT007
Credit Hours: 3

Back To The Basics - A theological study in in the basics of the Christian life
Consists of lessons BTB701 - BTB734
Credit Hours: 3

Bibliology - A theological study of the Bible
Consists of lessons BIB001 - BIB048
Credit Hours: 3

Christology - A theological study in the life and work of Christ
Consists of lessons CHR001 - CHR009
Credit Hours: 3

Ecclesiology - A theological study in the doctrine of the Church
Consists of lessons ECL001 - ECL010
Credit Hours: 3

Eschatology - A theological study of the end times in the books of Daniel and Revelation
Consists of lessons DAN001 - DAN019 & REV001 - REV073
Credit Hours: 3

New Testament Survey - A theological study and analysis of the 27 books of the New Testament
Consists of lessons NTS001 - NTS026
Credit Hours: 3

Old Testament Survey - A theological study and analysis of the 39 books of the Old Testament
Lessons will be recorded in the future
Credit Hours: 3

Pneumatology - A theological study of the Holy Spirit
Consists of lessons PNU001 - PNU028
Credit Hours: 3

Soteriology - A theological study in the theory of salvation
Consists of lessons SOT001 - SOT016
Credit Hours: 3


Theology of Money - A theological study of stewardship to include giving, budgeting, and debt in today's world.
Consists of course Finances God's Way - FIN001 - FIN013
Consists of course Biblical Analysis of Prosperity Theology - APT001 - APT003
Credit Hours: 1

Witnessing Without Fear - A theological study on how to witness effectively to a non-Christian and defend your stand on numerous worldly issues brought forth during witnessing opportunities.
Consists of lessons WWF001 - WWF007
Credit Hours: 1

Unwrapping your Spiritual Gifts - A theological study of the 20 spiritual gifts identified in Scripture. Covers the 16 working gifts and the four sign gifts.
Consists of lessons USG001 - USG013
Credit Hours: 1

Total Hours (with electives): 35


Student note-taking guides are available for most courses for a $10 donation.
Specified areas of study will require reading outside of Holy Scripture.
The attendance requirement is strictly on the honor system.

Some Institute of Biblical Studies' lectures are available under "Series" here on the website. For other courses CDs and DVDs are available for purchase by calling the STS toll-free number at 1-877-STS-7478 .

All written submitted assignments will be typed and double spaced.
All assignments requiring submission will be sent to the IBS Administrator (Attn: Geoff Lawson - ).