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The Bible Line - September 20, 2022



Leslie - Started a prayer group with four or five ladies from different churches. One of the ladies talked about how she had been listening to Joyce Meyer for years. Leslie shared that Joyce Meyer is a false teacher. The other lady was adamant about her appreciation of Meyer. Now Leslie is concerned whether she should continue hosting this prayer group. What does Pastor Carl think?

Caller that dictated question: Who is sitting on David's throne at this time?

Caller dictated question: What is Dr. Broggi's take on the two red heifers brought into Israel this week and how or if that relates to biblical prophecy?

Tammy P., Greene, ME - Hi Dr Broggi, I know no one knows the day or hour and the rapture could be any time. I asked Jesus to be my savior years ago and have been following Him. But I am nervous to know if I will be raptured or left behind. My husband is telling me something is going to happen this week or we are going to get into a nuclear war. I'm scared and he is scaring me more and more. Does that mean I'm not saved?

Greg, Portland, ME - I have been hearing a lot lately about the potential "problem" of Luke 2:2. Many are questioning the historical accuracy of this text and thus threatening the accuracy of the Bible. How should this text be understood and interpreted? Thank you.

James - In 2 Chron. 32:31 We read about Hezekiah, and how God left him to test him and to see what was in his heart...What does Pastor Carl think of the Lord purposing to test particular men and women?

Sharon H., Bluffton, SC - Can you answer the following questions for my Catholic relative: St. Ann is not mentioned in the Bible. What apocryphal book mentions her? Is Ann the mother of the Virgin Mary or did the information come from Pope Gregory XIII?

Rick - When was 01/01/01 AD? I had always thought the calendar changed when Jesus was born, but it sounds like Jesus was actually born in 4 to 6 BC.

Joshua F. - I’ve been listening to your podcast/channel on Spotify and YouTube for about 4-6 months now. I absolutely enjoy the way you deliver scripture. One item I’ve been struggling with for the last 2 years of my walk with Christ and the understanding of scripture is the rapture.
I am listening to your current sermons, but I am not understanding where in scripture the rapture is described happening prior to the anti-christ, and prior to the tribulation. I don’t agree with an explanation without support of scripture. No one, even yourself thus far is correct in explaining this. I completely agree there are no prophesies needed for the rapture to take place. I also do not see anything in scripture stating it’ll take place prior to. The only place I see the rapture taking place is in Revelation, not 2 Thessalonians. Any scripture recommendation would be helpful and insightful for my study.

Speaker: Dr. Carl Broggi

September 20, 2022

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