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The Bible Line - September 15, 2020



Theresa - I am an online follower and would like to know what happens when a person becomes a believer and gets baptized. 

Anonymous, Savannah, GA -  My pastor has been doing a series on spiritual gifts. This past Sunday, he talked about the gift of speaking in tongues. He explained what it was, then went on to give examples of people he knew of that do this, like at conferences etc and said he recently did this as well but called it his prayer language....he never said he was speaking in tongues but said his prayer language. ( The others as well, he called it prayer language. ) After he explained what speaking in tongues was, which i felt he explained accurately according to the Bible, but he left that and started talking about different peoples prayer language and his prayer language to God. It sounded like to me that he was saying these people at conferences & different ones he knew of & himself were talking in tongues but he never actually said that. That is what he meant though! He called it talking in their prayer language. I looked up what John MacArthur said about speaking in tongues and what my preacher was doing sounded like the charismatic movement that MacArthur described. This is scary to me & seems dangerous. My father always told me as a child that speaking in tongues is no more. It is no longer used today. This gift ended, and I have heard you say that before on the radio. According to the Bible, when tongues were used it was never a prayer language. It was speaking a foreign language that they had never known before and someone interpreting it. Can you explain actually what speaking in tongues is? Explain from the Bible that it is no longer used today. Our pastor is a godly man, a prayerful man, i do really believe genuine in his faith. I believe a true man of God. However, what do you do about this? How do you handle this? I don't want my children to be led astray by wrong teaching or others for that matter. What & how do you suggest to handle this with the preacher? Next Sunday he is talking about the gift of prophecy. This concerns me after the tongues & prayer language sermon and over some past weeks he has talked about healing and being spoke to by God - he says that someone he's around may have a certain issue going on , physically or mentally or whatever, and feels led to pray over them for healing. He spoke again during these sermons about going to healing conferences. I am concerned. I don't want our church on a dangerous wrong path. What do you think do? Everyone loves our preacher. So, most I'm sure think this is all great! Please explain speaking in tongues/gift, gift of prophecy, healing & how all of this is to be used in the church today? Thank you!!! 

Alberto, Savannah, GA - In Dr. Broggi's Back to the Basics series, regarding eternal security, Dr. Broggi has shown that once someone has been saved, that they are permanently sealed to salvation. But another preacher this listener heard, used the example of the parable of the prodigal son and the verse that addressed the son's repentance: For this son of mine was dead and is alive again; he was lost and is found.’ - this preacher said the son had lost his salvation, but now was once again saved. What does Pastor Carl think?

Paul, Portland, OR - Hi Dr. Broggi, You have no idea how much you are helping pastors here in our state.  However, some of us are finding opposition to expository preaching and long sermons.  Any help?

Viliame Beti Toronibau, Suva Fiji  - How do I assess my spiritual gifts? 

Jon, Alabama  - You’ve spoken on it before but have you seen where Somerville, Massachusetts just passed legislation allowing polyamory. What’s next? Where will it all end?

A listener asks, "In Acts 8:1, around when does this take place, and if disciples and believers were scattered, why weren't the apostles?"

Bill, Stephen City, VA - How did Roman Catholic faith begin the widespread practice of baptizing infants - even to this day?

Speaker: Dr. Carl Broggi

September 15, 2020

Dr. Carl Broggi

Teaching Pastor

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