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The Bible Line - October 25, 2011



1) If someone does not know who God is, but calls on Jesus Christ to save them…are they really saved?

2) Please explain repentance. I have read all I can about it but I am still very confused. I believe if you ask 3 different people you will get 3 different answers.

3) A listener heard a pastor preaching out of Mark 2. The pastor said the way we live affects other people or my prayer life. What does Pastor Broggi think. Also, does God work in the lives of unbelievers, e.g. allowing bad things to happen to them in order to bring them to faith?

4) I recently found out that someone I’ve known since childhood had developed an addiction to pain pills and currently he goes to a methadone clinic every day. The Lord recently regenerated his heart and led him to faith in Christ. What advice would you give to a new believer to overcome their pain pill addiction who is going to a methadone clinic?

5) Is Jesus saying in Matthew 19:9 that there is grounds for divorce and remarriage on the basis of fornication? How does Pastor Broggi answer people who give this argument for divorce?

6) Did Jesus retain His power when He became a man, or was His power obtained through perfect faith?

7) In a desire to best care for your family, as a Christian husband, if you have an opportunity for a job at McDonalds making $5 an hour or driving a beer truck at $20 an hour, what ought you do?

8) What is considered Christ’s first coming. Is it His birth or His triumphant entry on the donkey into Jersusalem where they throw all the palms down? And after His second coming during the rapture, is His final return considered a third coming or part of His second coming?

9) Is it wrong while praying to God to also pray directly to Jesus Christ for thanks for dying for us and to the Holy Spirit for thanks for residing in us? Or should all those prayers be directed towards God alone since He is all three anyways? 

Speaker: Dr. Carl Broggi

October 25, 2011

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