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The Bible Line - October 12, 2021



Abdel, KY - Hi Pastor Broggi, I recently refused/avoided (in a nice way) to help 2 homosexuals to move in together, (just like I would with 2 heterosexuals that are not married), I've asked around to people from my Church that would agree with me and Christian people from work that would disagree with me on my decision and would tell me that that's a way to build a relationship with them and tell them about Christ. This homosexual person is a co-worker and he was moving in to a new home with his partner. A part of me felt bad because I told him I was gonna help him (before knowing he was homosexual) but I didn't want to participate in promoting for 2 people to continue to live in sin. I'm convinced I did the right thing but I would like to hear from you.... Also, how can we as Christian could help a homosexual to change his life style and accept Jesus Christ as their savior? I have some ideas but I would love to listen some of yours.

A caller would like to know what newspapers, magazines or articles does Pastor Broggi read to stay up to date.

Anthony V., Beaufort, SC - Regarding the Ethiopian eunuch...what was the job of a eunuch in the first century...and how did people know that individuals might be a eunuch. 

Dianne M., Marietta, GA - Could you recommend some Christian Books for 14 year old athletes, gamers... these are my twin grandsons (saved/baptized a few years ago in Marietta, GA)

Kelly S. - My child asked me who do you pray to.  GOD or Jesus ?  I told him I pray to God and end it in Jesus's name.  God is the Father.  He is Ultimate.   He is the creator & over all.  But, I always pray in the name of Jesus.  Jesus is the only way to God.  No one comes to the Father but by Me (Jesus).   I do hear many who pray dear Jesus....  There are times I call on Jesus directly.  I know when calling on Salvation,  we have to ask Jesus to please save us.   I hear many saying Jesus bless you....What do you think?  What is the correct way to direct our prayers.
Also, I heard you comment lately on Tim Keller.  You said he was saying there was contradictions between Genesis 1 & 2.  Also, I thought there was something about him accepting homosexuality.  I have heard many I know reference him with things...they like him & endorse him.  Can you explain again the things he has said so I will know where he is wrong.   Thank you for protecting the flock!!

Anonymous, SC - I have a sister in law who claims to believe in Jesus, but has very strange views about spirituality. For instance, she believes that Christ taught His followers how to heal others, read “energy”, and speak to spirits based on what she has read in the Apocrypha. I have not personally fact checked this as I believe the Word of God is complete as it is, but she thinks man left out the Apocrypha from the Bible, therefore it is inspired by God. I know this is not true, but I am having a hard time explaining to her that God’s Word is complete as is, and that if he wanted the books of the Apocrypha included, they would have been included. She thinks that the Bible has been severely tampered with, and uses examples like the Book of Mormon and other translations of the Bible as examples of how easy it is for man to add and take away from Scripture. How can I explain to her that God is sovereign and that He would not allow the Word to be incomplete? 

Speaker: Dr. Carl Broggi

October 12, 2021

Dr. Carl Broggi

Teaching Pastor

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