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The Bible Line - November 8, 2011



1) Does forgiving someone for their wrongs against you mean that you need to be in their life? What if they are family?

2)  How do you know if God wants them to have the gift of celibacy?

3) Are there currently numerical equivalents to the anti-christ?

4) Could you please explain what “your walls are continually before Me” means in the 16th verse of Isaiah 49?

5) Could you explain I Jn. 5:6-8? I recently heard somebody use this scripture to teach that there are steps to the New Birth; they taught that just as a natural birth constitutes water, blood , then spirit….that the spiritual birth was the same process.

6) In Matt. 7:6, we are instructed not to cast our pearls before swine. How does a Christian know when to stop sharing their faith so that they’re not violating this instruction?

7) One of the Spiritual Gifts is the Gift of Knowledge defined as the ability to discover, accumulate, analyze, and organize biblical information and ideas which are pertinent to the growth and well-being of the body. Yet Scripture refers to the Gift of the WORD of Knowledge, not the Gift of Knowledge. There seem to be two different meanings for this gift. What exactly is it? Is it the reception of divine WORDS for the past and present situations as when Jesus knew about the husbands of the woman at the well , or is it more of a dicipline with organizing and perhaps teaching the truths of Scripture?

8) Has Pastor Broggi ever heard of the Christian guitar player know as Phil Keaggy, if so what are his thoughts?

9) Can someone that has been divorced pre-conversions serve in the office of pastor/elder?

Speaker: Dr. Carl Broggi

November 8, 2011

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