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The Bible Line - November 17, 2020



Listener from Savannah...had a question regarding the order of creation. Why does it appear that God creates the light in verse 4 of Genesis 1 and plants and vegetation in verse 11 before he created lights that separated day and night in verse 14?

A listener from Savannah has begun a gospel preaching ministry at a methadone clinic. A co-leader is a five-point Calvinist, and so this individual couches his words so that he does not have conflict with this individual. Is this okay, or should he be more forthright in his ministry?

Alberto, Savannah, GA - The Bible calls us to expose false teachers...but how do we distinguish what is false teaching versus just minor inconsistencies? 

Neal, Texas - In 1994 on a Sunday morning you said to the congregation: "You [we] all crucified Jesus!" What are the best scriptures that clearly and directly teach this?

Anthony, Beaufort, SC - In a previous sermon Dr. Broggi said, you don't need any money to share the gospel; and if Paul could share the gospel while in chains, what's your excuse; and      . Would he please explain these? 

Leon - Could you please explain 1 Cor 13:7-10, particularly what will be done away with.

Susanne would like to know to know if Dr. Broggi knows Chuck Missler, and would like to know his thoughts on him. In relation to that, she had a question about 1 Tim 2:14; Did Adam know what he was doing when he went along with Eve? Chuck Missler in a recent commentary mentioned that Adam took a bite of the forbidden fruit because he loved Eve so much that he did not want her to sin alone. He sinned out of her love for her. What are Dr. Broggi's thoughts, and should the caller continue to listen to Chuck?

Liz, Bluffton, SC - If we are left with a President who has been elected illegally, should we follow Biden (biblically speaking of course) or do we stay on the narrow path?

Speaker: Dr. Carl Broggi

November 17, 2020

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