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The Bible Line - November 1, 2016



Were the heavens and the earth completed on the same day?

In the Bible, how were the dates computed?  For example, accounts are that Herod the Great died in 4 B.C.  Historically, how do we count from year one? 

Hannah- Are winking and bribing condemned in the Bible? I know winking flirtatiously or slyly is bad, but what about cute, winking such as emoji faces? And as for bribing, just bribing others in general to do something they need to do but don't want to do-- is that bad? 

Emmanuel, Houston, Texas - I would like to get your opinion on the recent policy change (within the last year), that Dallas Theological Seminary now allows the moderate use of alcohol? Why does it seem like we are continuing to reflect more of the world? What are your thoughts?I'm not superb with knowledge of the Scriptures (I'm growing), but I think this is dangerous, misguided, and unfortunate.

Anthony, Beaufort, SC - When we talk about fasting, what is going on with God in relation to us?

Steve, Savannah, GA - In Job 1:8 where the Lord asks Satan, "have you beheld my servant Job?" Did the Lord instigate this and did this action cause Job to be tempted to evil?

Chuck, Portand, Maine - Can you provide a basic question list to ask pastors when searching for a new church? Our family is searching for a new church. I would like to know some direct questions I can ask of the pastors at the churches we visit to get to their core beliefs and to be sure we are making a wise choice in where we ultimately go. I am finding that it is hard for me to read between the lines of where they stand but am unsure of what I can ask to really nail them down on biblical Christian standards.   
Jeanette, Savannah, GA - Is the book of Enoch true? And should we trust it?
Kelly, Bluffton, SC - Dr. Broggi, I heard your sermon on Daniel 9. In it you discuss that Jesus is said to come back, will be in Jerusalem and reign for 1000 years (not a literal number). I had done a study on the Book of Revelation in which G.K. Beale indicates that we are living now in the 1000 years and that Jesus is ruling NOW in His Kingdom which is spiritual. I guess I am trying to understand in a deeper way, but there is contrast in your and his interpretation. 

Speaker: Dr. Carl Broggi

November 1, 2016

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