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The Bible Line - May 5, 2020



Anna Lauren - (11 years old) In today's sermon about Elijah, you said that Jezebel was "demon-possessed." What does that mean?

Nick M. - Hey Pastor Broggi! As you know, I’m interested in going to college for music/worship, and now feel led to get a Doctorate in Theology, instead of a Masters in Divinity. I’m also interested in going into seminary as well. Do you have any recommendations for sound Christian colleges/seminaries I might be able to go to?

William, Stepens City, VA - John 3:16 and John 20:31 are only two verses that teach that the believer will be given life - meaning everlasting life in heaven. The moment of belief in Jesus is the defined as justification. The old sin-nature man is dead and the new creation in Christ has been birthed. Can you explore for us listeners “What is salvation assurance and when does it begin?”

Gabi - I just wanted to know if you are a cessationist or continuationist and how the Word of God supports your view on the matter.

Speaker: Dr. Carl Broggi

May 5, 2020

Dr. Carl Broggi

Teaching Pastor

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