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The Bible Line - May 24, 2016



How ought we study the Bible?

Hannah, Beaufort, SC - Did Lazarus go to Heaven and then come back when Jesus resurrected him? And why is Jesus called the Son of Man?
A caller says he's going to Charlotte, NC on vacation and would like to know if Pastor Broggi knows of a good church his family can attend while there
Chris, Hiram, GA  I have some questions about the book of Hosea. 1. Did God command Hosea to "take...a wife of harlotry" meaning she already a harlot or that she would eventually become one? 2. Were all of the children conceived illegitimate? 3. Does Hosea go to get Gomer back in chapter 3 as a husband or as a friend and then re-marry her? 
Why are there are so many people who are still in cults today when they have access to information on the internet and other places that would reveal that they are not following Christ's teachings?
David, Asheville, NC - Why should women not be pastors?
Esther, Varnville, SC From a Christian standpoing, is it OK to eat lamb? 
A caller says she has Christian friends who attend a Messianic Jewish synagogue where they believe Christ was the Messiah and they honor Jewish holidays such as Passover instead of Easter. for example, because they believe certain holy days and celebrations are closer to the interpretation of what is in the Bible.  Is this okay and how does this person explain to her friends why Christians worship on Sunday as well as why we celebrate Christmas and Easter, etc., instead of Passover and other Jewish holy days.
Stacy, Bluffton, SC - If medical marijuana is made so that it has none of the euphoric properties, is it proper, as a Christian, to use?
Gina - Are you familiar with Chris Rosebrough and his Pirate Christian radio program where he exposes pastors he claims to be false teachers - if so, what are your thoughts?

Speaker: Dr. Carl Broggi

May 24, 2016

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