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The Bible Line May 14, 2013



A listener is working on a school project; his teacher has given an assignment to make an argument for whether the Bible is more reflective of a conservative or liberal viewpoint.

If faced with physical aggression, is an individual believer called to defend self or turn the other cheek, try to draw the offender to Christ and entrust self to our Creator?

I usually hear people refer to the United States coming under the judgment of God because of the legalization of homosexual marriages and abortion, of which I agree are very ungodly practices which should be condemned...but why is there very little to nothing said about the corporate corruption and greed the we have witnessed in this country recently?

What does Pastor Broggi thinks about Eugene Peterson and his translation of the bible (The Message)?

How do you feel about being under the authority of a Pastor that is separated from his wife?

Jesus said , “My Father’s house will be called a house of prayer . . .”It seems that we do a whole lot of everything else and not much time spent in prayer in our church services.  Praise and worship, preaching/teaching, testimonies, baptisms, even announcements sometimes are lengthy.  What is your interpretation of this scripture and are we missing the practice of prayer in our churches? 2.  Our church practices the intinction method of communion.  It doesn’t seem to line up with scripture to me.  I Cor 11: 23-25  and other scripture on the Lord’s supper seem to instruct that they should be taken separately.  What is your opinion of this method and does it matter?

Speaker: Dr. Carl Broggi

May 14, 2013

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