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The Bible Line - March 19, 2013



Christian vote for Mark Sanford?

A listener's sister is a member of the Church of Christ. The sister tells her that the listener is going to hell because she is not a member of the Church of Christ. The listener is confident of her salvation...but she wants Pastor Carl's thoughts about the Church of Christ.

Liz, Texas - I was saved when I was 12 years old and was attending a Methodist church at the time that taught salvation by grace through faith alone in Christ, but I was not baptized by immersion, but sprinkled instead. I have been attending Baptist or non-denominational churches for the past few years, and have slowly realized that my baptism was clearly not biblical. I know without a doubt that I'm saved, but I feel very conflicted about how I was baptized. I would like your advice on what you would instruct I do.

Whatever happened to Uriah the Hititte? Was he saved?

Pastor Broggi expounded on a question he began answering at the end of last week's program: Who is Hebrews 2:6-8 talking about?

Ginger, Bluffton, SC - Does Pastor Broggi know anything about a group on Hilton Head called Princess Warrriors and their prophetic prayer ministry?

Leslie asks what is praying, why is it important, particularly if God already knows what we need?

A caller wants to know Pastor Broggi's opinion of Hank Hanegraaff. He is known as the Bible Answer Man.

Paul, Portand, ME - Dr. Broggi, I heard a sermon series recently on the Sermon on the Mount that this sermon had a number of truths strung together with no specific connection.  The pastor is a Cooperative Baptist - - I know they do not believe in the Bible the way you do.  Was he correct?  Is there any outline to the sermon?  I appreciate you ministry here and your thoughts. 

Speaker: Dr. Carl Broggi

March 19, 2013

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