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The Bible Line March 14, 2023



Ben, Ellsworth, ME - Could you please comment on the IF Gathering? There are alot of red flags with many of the speakers and the founder. I feel as though it is an attempt to draw women out from under the authority of the local church and corrupt them.

(Live Caller) - In 1 Samuel 28, Please help me in understanding the medium in that context?

Gary, Walterboro, SC - Dr. Broggi, I have a non-believing family member who is thinking about things of the faith. He has asked how the multiplying of people on the earth after Adam and Eve is not considered incest and evil. Do you have scriptures and thoughts as to how I can answer this man? I know he also questions how the sin of polygamy in ancient bible times, by ‘righteous’ people, was not condemned by God.

A listener from Hilton Head, SC -  Would like to know if Pastor Carl has ever heard of Jimmy Evans a man who claims to be a prophet and who has written a book called "End Times?" He also has a podcast entitled "Tipping Point" and one can subscribe to his "Tipping Point Prophecy Update" online.

Kaye, Beaufort, SC - Would like Pastor Broggi to explain why limited atonement is not Biblical. She has a friend that believes in limited atonement.

Jerry R., Okatie, SC - When you are talking about baptism by immersion or submersion versus baptism by affusion or aspersion can you quote any scriptures from the bible? 

James C., Encinitas, CA - Which Bible do you use?

Speaker: Dr. Carl Broggi

March 14, 2023

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