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The Bible Line - June 21, 2011



A caller read an article that said during the tribulation the anti-Christ would 'set up shop' in the Middle East...this individual would be a Muslim. The caller wants Pastor Broggi's opinion.

Does God still create?

Do the angels observe us when we worship? Is that true or is that folklore?

Does it say anywhere in the Bible that all liars go to hell?

We have a question about Rick Warren and the way that John Piper has recently come out strongly supporting him and even defending his lack of stance on Biblical doctrine. Does this strong support by Piper mean that Piper is not as solid a teacher as we believed? His support of Warren was calculated and detailed –not simply a passing positive reference of him but rather a full hour and a half long interview with the purpose of supporting Warren and promoting him. We are really struggling with this but wonder if we are making more of it than we should? Can you clarify?

Pastor Broggi addresses a question about the word 'greater' found in two passages one in John 10 'my Father is greater' and the other from John 15..."greater works you will do."

Does the unborn child of an unsaved mother, if that child dies, go to heaven?

In the time of the millenial age, will we return to animal sacrifice?

Speaker: Dr. Carl Broggi

June 21, 2011

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