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The Bible Line - July 7, 2020



Rhonda S., Winchester, MA - Dr. Broggi, The wife of our (relatively) new pastor (2 1/2 years) is a woman in her late thirties. Each Sunday morning and evening, as well as mid-week prayer meeting, she wears some sort of a head covering. She came from a church in upstate SC where this teaching was presented and followed by the women of the assembly. Our pastor hasn't addressed this particular teaching from the Corinthians except to say that he won't make it an issue as it could be divisive. I don't know anyone else who has follows this teaching. I get confused because pastor's wife won't wear any skirts or dresses (I prefer conservative clothing). I am not sure what the biblical teaching is regarding this conservative matter regarding the covering of a woman's head during the worship service. As soon as the service is over she takes it off. Thank you for your answer.

Faye, Springfield, GA - Regarding our current pandemic, could this be part of God's judgment, or is this just another incident like HIV, the Spanish Flu and previous pandemics that are part and parcel of a fallen world. 
Also, a friend of this caller believes we are currently living out Matthew 24...and that VV. 40 & 41 are talking about the rapture rather than the tribulation.

A caller wants to know Pastor Broggi's view on annihilationism.

Another caller wants to be a good Christian and wants to help people who need it and ask for it, people that God has put in this woman's path. But what if you have a person that you've helped over and over...when do you say enough is enough?

Speaker: Dr. Carl Broggi

July 7, 2020

Dr. Carl Broggi

Teaching Pastor

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