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The Bible Line - July 28, 2020



Kaye, Beaufort, SC - What is heaven like for the deceased baby in the womb? 

Alberto, Savannah, GA - John 5:26-29 - Since Jesus is God, why would God the Father "give life" to the Son?  And how is it that those who did "good deeds" have eternal life...if we are saved by grace through faith?

Sue, Beaufort, SC -  How in your opinion, do you see the current unrest and violence ending? Do you think there will come a time especially for police officers to start using deadly force?

Gina, Savannah, GA - How should we as Christians respond to the rampant corruption displayed by government leaders and widespread lawlessness destroying our cities across the nation? I know we most certainly should exercise our right to vote and try to elect leaders who most closely align with our biblical worldview. But how involved should we be in actively fighting against the evil that is so quickly overtaking our country? What measures can/should we take? 

Richard S. Whitinsville MA - I have so much doubt about what the Gospel is. Ever since I learned about Lordship salvation and easy believeism I have been torn. I feel really lost and am not confident at all about what exactly a person has to do in order to have Jesus Christ’s work on the Cross credited to their account. Most agree that it is faith that you need. But I feel like people interpret the word faith so differently that they end up talking about different things. What exactly do I need to do in order to have what He did credited to me. What exactly needs to be my response to what Jesus accomplished.

William N., Stephens City, VA - The parable of the sower is in Mathew, Mark and Luke. I know that conversion of sinful man is a faith moment where the unregenerate person becomes heartfelt because of the Word and believes that they are a sinner, in need of a Savior, that Jesus provided that substitutionary propitiation for sinful man through His death, burial and resurrection. It is by faith alone in Christ alone that we are eternally saved by grace. So, back to the parable of the sower: My current personal understanding is that when the "Seed" is germinated for 3 of the 4 soils that a believer's new life in Christ has begun. However, no fruit was evident in soils 2 & 3 and the believer will be lacking at the Bema judgement of believers. Jesus follows by warning us not to put our light under a basket or under the bed. I believe this is a warning to rocky and thorny soil believers. The light under a bed is still a light, but it's not being useful. Can these rocky and thorny soil believers change their location to good soil during their life on earth and produce some increase instead of none? Can the church encourage believers stuck in bad soil to move into the good soil?

I am confused concerning Matthew 22:14. What is the meaning of this verse? Is it a verse that speaks to the Calvinist doctrine of election?

July 28, 2020

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