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The Bible Line - July 26, 2011



Certain sins in the Bible are referred to as 'abominations.' Is there a distinction between sins in God's eye?

Is it biblically sound for various members of the congregation to exclaim, "Amen!", in church while the preacher is preaching? I've been at churches where I don't think anyone says it. I've visited churches were it is rarely said. I've visited churches were all the men seem to be in a contest to see who can say it the most. I've even been at churches were women say it sometimes, and there was one were a woman kept constantly saying it very loudly. My understanding is that women shouldn't be saying it, and I question how much men are supposed to be saying it, if at all. I feel like saying it when someone exalts the Lord Jesus, especially when no one else is saying it. Assuming it does have a place in the service, what is the biblical purpose of saying it and what are the guidelines for orderliness? Please let me know what the Bible says about it, and what your personal opinion is on it.

"What happens to the human body when a non-believer goes to hell?"

Rev. 20:4 who are these people , where did they come from, and are they a part of the first resurrection?... if so how?

Is there any Scripture that shows a Christian living in unforgiveness?

I have heard you mention a couple of times that Lot's family counted up to 10. It's extremely fascinating, but try as I may I can't see it. I've gotten up to 6 with sons-and-law and daughters (counting the daughters as the same in 8 and 14), but it seems as if in 19:12 the angels are only asking the question "are there more"- not assuming that there are. Is there something stronger in the original language that I'm missing?

A caller says that their church performs infant dedications but the pastor will not do these dedications for babies born out of wedlock or to parents where one of them has previously been married..is this scriptural?

In interracial marriages/relationships is this considered being unequally yoked?

Speaker: Dr. Carl Broggi

July 26, 2011

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