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The Bible Line - July 21, 2020



M.T.,Savannah Ga - What do I do if my husband of 6 years hasn't been the best husband and I haven't been the best wife to him either, but I'm done,even though he's changing and trying to fight for our marriage,and he's fighting hard for our family,but I just don't want to anymore. We just don't trust one another anymore. I made the decision to get divorced and am not changing my mind, no matter how much he changes, we are Godly and saved,we both come from divorced families he doesn't believe in divorce, I decided not to go back to our Pastor for counseling. We have 4 beautiful children. What should I do?

Allison, Savannah, GA - What does Pastor Broggi think of the daily devotional, Jesus Calling?

Dacia, Pineland, SC - Is Jimmy Swaggart's “Message of the Cross“ Biblical? Recently, I had a family member share this message with me but I am not sure what to think. Wait- let me rephrase this- I understand completely that my belief in Jesus Christ alone and by His Grace I am saved. That isn’t my issue. And- I am 100% sure when I die I will go to heaven! Nonetheless, I want a clearer understanding of how to educate my loved one properly. I have checked the website, in my opinion the things I read from certain links posted on the JSM website “seems” to be biblical doctrine. However, my red flags are still up because it seems like a slippery slope of false doctrine. Could you elaborate on JS “message of the cross”.

Luke H. - 1 Corinthians 7:13-14 is confusing me as a passage. It seems to indicate to me that unsaved spouses are made holy and/or saved because of their spouse's faith? I know this can't be correct since the Bible is clear that every person must make their own decision. I find it interesting that the term used here is sanctification, not justification. Maybe this is the key I am missing? It doesn't make sense to me how the Bible could seem to indicate that spouses and even children are brought into the family of faith because of someone else.

Mary, Hardeeville, SC - In the gospels, why is it that, many times, when Jesus healed, he told those he healed, "tell no one?"

Live caller - Luke 12:13; Please explain this scripture.

How did Dr. Luke know the details of the encounter between Zecharias and the angel in the temple? (Luke 1)

William, Stephens City, VA - 1. In the Olivet discourse, Jesus speaks about two men in the field and two women grinding at the mill. In each case one will be taken and the other left. I’ve heard you speak that this is a reference to unbelievers removal for judgment and not the rapture of the believer. Can you help me understand what the correct understanding is? Also, if you have time, would you explain to us if both servants in Mt 24:45-51 are believing servants, one sensible with kingdom rewards received and the other evil with kingdom rewards lost?

Gilbert - My wife and I are enjoying the Wednesday night Live Streaming Bible Studies. Last night we were discussing the study and the gray areas of life. The topic of having tattoos came up in our discussion. We read in Leviticus 19:28  "Ye shall not make cuttings in your flesh nor print any marks upon you." We want to be able to share Biblical truths with our grandchildren. Is having a tattoo a negative command of Scripture or is it a gray area of life? And what would you say to your grandchildren if the topic comes up in conversation? Where would you direct them in the Scriptures?

Speaker: Dr. Carl Broggi

July 21, 2020

Dr. Carl Broggi

Teaching Pastor

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