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The Bible Line - January 14, 2014



Barry, Phoenix , AZ  What do you think of KJV only argument based on Psalm 12:6 that the KJV version is the final by-product of a seven stage refinement process?

Why did God say in the six days of creation, after he made man, "It is not good (that he should be alone?)

Owen, Kentucky - What is the name of your church? Is it the Church of Christ? 

In John 5:1-10 the Bethesda pool is mentioned. Our caller would like to know if this pool is still in existence? Also, what was the healing that was taking place in this pool?

Bonnie, Bluffton, SC - Does God tell Moses to lie to Pharaoh about letting the people go on a 3-day journey in the wilderness? Since He doesn't intend for them to return to Egypt, is this a misleading truth? Yet God can't lie.

Jackson family, Shelburne, NH - Are Christians, specifically my family, to be considered "pagan practicers" since we celebrate the Lord's birth? This debate arose recently amongst some friends of ours- with more of a persuasion towards the Reformed Theology. They made it clear that celebrating Christmas is a pagan activity and "TRUE" Christiasn should avoid the celebration all together- to even include Easter, birthdays, etc. They say no one celebrated the Lord's birth in NT times and it wasn't until around the third century that this was made effective under Constatine's leadership. They site passages like Gen. where Cain's offer was not accepted, Lev. 10, Jer. 10, Deut. 12:2-4, and Rom. 14:5-6 (associate this reference to holy days). They use these verses and say that it violates the "Biblical Principle" that 'if something is not commanded it shouldn't be practiced.' They reference guys like Paul Washer and Brian Schwertley to support this beleif. It seems they (these preachers ) also have a deep dislike for the Roman Catholic people in their sermons too. 

Rae, Beaufort, SC -  Why do Christians celebrate Christmas? And on the day of December 25? I keep hearing conflicting answers and would like to be directed to some Scripture.

Joshua, Beaufort, SC -  I was recently seeking to do a study on the state of the dead and was attempting to tackle the issue of the nature of the soul. In Hebrew it is pretty straight forward as the immaterial seat of emotions, reasoning, and will. However, in the Greek there is a metaphysical meaning that doesn't appear in the Hebrew, as it pertains to the word "psyche" in the Greek transliteration. Does the metaphysical definition apply when comparing to the Hebrew word "nephesh" or should it be ruled out due to the conflict it poses with regard to the Hebrew?

Suzanne, St. Helena Island, SC -  I was watching toddler boys play today, and I was reminded of the fact that Jesus was once a toddler. Since He was fully human and fully God, how did He remain sinless as a child? Did He never throw a tantrum or get into things He wasn't allowed when He was that age?

Neal, Arlington, Texas -  What does the Bible say about God's guidelines for "tithing" on an inheritance that is received in the form of a cash check? (Please keep in mind that I am not a financially astute person such as yourself and include any comments regarding stewardship in regard to taxation - if you cannot give tax advice then please refer me to someone who can, if you can.) Please comment on any deadlines for any such "tithing" as well so I can avoid incurring any Divine punishment in regard to this. (It is not my intent to "spend" this money, but to invest it in a biblically sound way to retain or increase its value - I don't know if this matters in the answer or not.)  I apologize for the short notice but I was unexpectedly informed of this today by the Personal Representative of the Estate - it is somewhat of a premature partial disbursement.

Anoymous, Hardeeville, South Carolina - I have a Granddaughter who is out of control. She smokes weed, and is sexually active. A friend recommended I send her to teen challenge. What are your thought on that ministry?

Allison, Maine -Dr. Broggi, I know when Jesus comes back that he will raise the dead. Is it OK to be cremated and have our ashes spread in the ocean and/or in a garden?

Speaker: Dr. Carl Broggi

January 14, 2014

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