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The Bible Line - January 12, 2021



Dave, Deployed Soldier - I am currently deployed and have stopped going to Sunday service where I’m located.. I had stopped because a new group of chaplains had arrived to take over the services to preach. The new chaplains who have taken charge of service to preach are both Female. The Bible is clear about the roles of male and female leadership in church. I’d still like to fellowship with the other believers at service, but I’m torn because it just doesn’t feel right and doesn’t sit right with me. Out of all the other Soldiers who attend service, I seem to be the only one who hasn’t been back to service since. My questions are can a female be a Chaplain in the Military? Is a chaplain by standard, the same as a civilian preacher? Should I still attend service? Thank you.

Alberto, Savannah, GA - When Jews in the first century who were under the rule of Rome and they would not assimilate in the culture of Rome but they did assemble together as a unique faith. If that was okay in the first century, why do some people criticize Muslims for doing the same thing in 21st century America?

Timothy L., Bridgeport, CT - I've been studying your teachings on the Book of Revelation! You mentioned a verse from Ezekiel 28, where Lucifer was in the garden of Eden as he was first created by God. I'm assuming this meant he was there before his fall. If he was there before his fall, then the theory of earth being destroyed then remade because of the fall of Satan, has to be false. The idea that earth was the battlefield for good against evil. Then God had to remake earth. Would you comment on this? 

Summer, Jacksonville, NC - Hi, We attended a church for awhile that refused to say anything about being gay and therefore we had several gay couples who attended and served at the church. We no longer attend there but it left me wondering what do we do to encourage gay people to realize that God doesn’t want that for them and He wants them to submit to His word. But at the same time I’m realizing it’s complicated on a whole new scale because two couples I’ve befriended have children. How do we encourage them to break up their family. Thank you.

Abdel, Louisville, KY - Hi Pastor Broggi, first, I want it to thank you for sharing your wisdom and knowledge of the scriptures. The other day (before Christmas) I was talking to someone about the plans I had for Christmas and this person told me that they do not celebrate Christmas because what it says on Jeremiah 10:1-4. Would you please explain a little bit about this?

Kelly M., Varnville, SC - In light of all that is going on, do you have any new recommendation for homeschooling families about how to make sense and how to deal with this crazy culture.

Pamela, Seattle, WA - Can you help me find a Bible based church similar to yours in Seattle? I am limited in my transportation so it will need to be in or close to Seattle.

Dereena, Augusta, GA - What does Psalm 109:7 mean when it says of the wicked man “...may his prayer become sin?”

Jordan C. -  Can someone be forgiven if they're guilty of Revelation 22:18-19 in the past and they repent and come to Christ or will God take away their part still?

Speaker: Dr. Carl Broggi

January 12, 2021

Dr. Carl Broggi

Teaching Pastor

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