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The Bible Line - Jan. 4, 2022



Angie M., Tennessee - When you are ministering to those who are battling life-threatening illnesses, how do you reconcile the multiple references to God healing people of diseases in the Bible with the reality that sometimes believers are not healed, though we are to take God at His Word?

Shirley, Port Royal, SC - Will you please clarify the teachings of the Independent Church. I have a family member that is a member of one. 

Suzanne K., Hardeeville, SC - How does free grace theology as presented by Dr. Bob Wilkin line up with scripture?

Timothy L., Bridgeport, CT - I saw a video by Dr. Michael Heisner regarding the fall of the angels and Satan. He argues that a third of the angels didn’t fall with Satan at the beginning of time. That the third fell at the birth of Christ. He used the verses from Revelation 12. I would appreciate your opinion on this.

Abdel, Louisville, KY - A few Sundays ago Pastor Chip Ingram was invited to our church (Southeast Christian Church) to preach on Ephesians 6:10-17 (The Armor Of God). I believe it was a good sermon because he broke it down and explained verse by verse what those verses mean and how can awe apply them in our daily lives. But at the end of the sermon he told a story of how he taught his kids since they were little to rebuke the devil; either when they had nightmares or they felt attacked by the devil. Did he kind of contradict the whole sermon with his story? I can't find in those verses where it says to attack or to pray to the devil in Jesus name so he will go away. Could you please help me understand more of what is taught in Ephesians 6:10-17?  

Kirby, Belle Fourche, SD - Good Afternoon Dr. BROGGI, first I just wanted to say that I am thankful to God that I was under your teaching for the final 2.5 years I was in Beaufort, I learned so much and am truly blessed to have been apart of it. That being said, I found a solid bible believing church in Spearfish SD called Faith Bible Church under Pastor Gregg Dennison. He is a wonderful expositor and we spent the last year and a half going over 1st Peter. He went to seminary and was under John Mac Arthur. I decided early on that the fact that he is a five point Calvinist will not deter me from being a serving member in my local assembly. We see eye to eye on Israel and the Abrahamic covenant, and the fact the Church has not replaced Israel; yet he insists passages such as Romans chapter 9 are about individual election and not national. I cannot understand why he thinks this way, especially if he doesn't believe replacement theology. I have listened over and over to your Romans 9 sermons on Jacob and Esau, pharaoh, and sovereign choice and it only solidifies again that I cannot agree with this Calvinist approach. I even sent him your sermon on God's foreknowledge to listen to. he never let me know what he thought. My pastor does believe that evangelism of the lost is paramount even if people are pre destined. However, he also fully believes in limited atonement, and man truly does not have free will in his total depravity. I want to make clear I am very thankful to be under this local assembly and it is very biblically sound, and I am very thankful for my current pastor as he has personally helped me on my sanctification so much, and has only furthered your teaching on the importance of the local church. However, this calvanist ideology has weighed very heavy on my heart, I know for a fact that if he exegeted Romans 9 line by line it would sound extremely different from yours. Do you have any advice on how to handle this within my own heart or if I should even address my concerns with my pastor? He is absolutely open to discussion, I just fear he will just try to convince me of limited atonement and lack of free will, and faith as a work if we talk about it more. I am inclined to let it go for plurality sake and the fact that we see eye to eye on everything else. Thank you for considering my long question, and I appreciate any advice you have.

Speaker: Dr. Carl Broggi

January 4, 2022

Dr. Carl Broggi

Teaching Pastor

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