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The Bible Line - February 4, 2014



A listener asks...since we all sin, when we go to heaven, do we retain our memory, particularly of our sinful past?

If it's true that God cannot be in the presence of sin, how was the devil able to come before Him and ask permission to test Job.

Jason, Yuma, AZ - In Matthew chapter 4, Jesus is in the desert. Then in verse 5 it says the devil took Jesus to the highest point on the Temple. 1.) How did the devil get Him up there, I didn't think the devil possessed supernatural powers such as God does? And, 2.) wouldn't people have seen Jesus standing on the Temple, since it was the city's center? This reads like it is a literal description of a physical event, but I'm not understanding how it would have been physically executed. Thank you for the explanation.

Lesley, Beaufort, SC -  I just heard a sermon on 88.7 in which the pastor said babies automatically go to heaven despite their inherited sin nature because they did not suppress the truth. Apparently, those who hear the truth and suppress it are the ones who are eternally punished. Does that include adults who have not heard the truth and therefore have not suppressed it? If so, is that when Jesus will return - when all adults have had the opportunity to accept or deny the truth? That might take a while....

David, Beaufort, SC - Wants Pastor Broggi's thoughts on the Apostle Peter. Also, how did the Catholics come to elect the Apostle Peter as their first pope?

A listener wants to know if one can lose their salvation. Does Pastor Broggi have a message title she can listen to and share with her family to reassure them that they cannot lose their salvation.

A listener's friend has stopped going to one church and has started attending another one, but he hasnt't transferred his membership. Is he still a member of the first church?

In Acts 9:36-43 it talks about Peter raising Dorcas from the dead.  You don't hear near as much about this as Jesus' raising Lazarus. What is known about Tabitha/Dorcas.

A listener wants Pastor Broggi's opinion on the rapture; also, he has a friend who is a Calvinist and he's interested in the Calvinist's position on the pre-tribulational rapture and on whether God has a plan for the people of Israel or whether he's done with them. Also he asks for information on the Institute for Biblical Studies.

Speaker: Dr. Carl Broggi

February 4, 2014

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