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The BIble Line - August 9, 2011



If a Christian has backslidden on his or her commitment to Christ, is it possible for that backslidden Christian to be possessed by demons?

A mother that is home-schooling her kids wants to teach her children from a catechism - is Spurgeon's catechism okay to teach?

Dan from Somerville, Maine - Dr. Broggi, besides the Bible, what do you read? I was wondering what, if any, periodicals, blogs, authors, etc you might recommend.

Lisa from Billings, MT heard Bill O'Relly talking about the baptism of desire in regards to this new debate on hell. Can you comment?

Rev. 20:4 who are these people , where did they come from, and are they a part of the first resurrection?... if so how?

Regarding a popular book, "Heaven Is For Real" and others who have had 'out of body/near death' experiences, how do you reconcile this with scriptures that say, "it is appointed for a man to die once," etc.

Acts chapter 11 with Peter and Cornelius...What did Peter mean when he said "John baptized with water, but you will be baptized with the Holy Spirit.

If someone has been saved and has 'a clean heart' what does Pastor Broggi think of this person's salvation if they had not been circumcised.

Our next caller, an 8-year-old, would like to know if satan will have a chance to repent and be saved?

Speaker: Dr. Carl Broggi

August 9, 2011

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