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The Bible Line - August 30, 2011



What is your opinion of churches having fundraisers outside of their church body. I see in acts 4 where the people sold their goods, implied, outside their church. I have had someone tell me 3 John 7 tells us not to take money from unbelievers. I feel they took that verse out of context. Are there any definitive verses for or against fundraising? I have been wondering about ghosts. I can’t find any biblical evidence of a spirit of a dead person appearing to anyone except for Samuel appearing to Saul(1 Samuel 28). If we die once and are immediately judged, and there is no in-between state, is it correct to assume that what people call “ghosts” are some sort of demon? Furthermore, does that mean that psychics/mediums/ghost hunters/etc are actually dealing with something very dangerous and evil? After one of Paul’s missionary journeys he said to the Jews, “I and done with you and now I’m going to serve the gentiles.” Is this when God forsook the Jews or is it at a later time? How do we explain to unbelievers that God loves us when they are suffering the aftermath of Hurricane Irene or other natural disasters where there is so much suffering and destruction? He has had to deal with so many who are mourning loss and he just wants to make sure he is able to answer these people with love and compassion… Pastor there is a new movement that seems to be challenging many local churches that youth ministry is unbiblical and age integrated Sunday Schools violate Scripture. Can you comment?

Speaker: Dr. Carl Broggi

August 30, 2011

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