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The Bible Line - April 7, 2020



If a couple is able to have children but they decide not to (to pursue careers or live life without any kids), would God call that wrong? I know children are a blessing from the Lord, but does God want Christians to have children/is that a Biblical commandment?

I have heard some pastors say that while marriage is supposed to be permanent, God is merciful and has created bounds in which a spouse can divorce their spouse. Essentially, they hold that when Jesus speaks on divorce He means that you are to stay married to the person as long as they are good while Moses was speaking to a different situation--that God is in favor of divorce if the spouses are bad. They hold that there are valid grounds for divorce. Is this biblically accurate? Are there situations where God would say it is okay to get a divorce (for example, if a spouse is cheating or is abusive, etc.)?

Charles, Beaufort, SC - How would I properly tithe the sale of our home?  How would I make the proper calculation here? My wife and I want to honor the Lord here and also want to be in accordance with His Word.

Kelly - All of my close friends are Catholic. Should I be trying to encourage them to convert and if so what is the best way to do that. One friend is constantly telling me that the Catholic church is the true church....how do you approach that?

Tim L. - Hey Pastor Broggi! My question is about the Resurrection of Jesus. Who raised Him? Some people say GOD the Father did. But, doesn’t the Bible say The Father did?The Holy Spirit Did? And didn’t Jesus say He’d raise himself? I’ve been trying to witness to a Jehovah Witness. I would like to use this as proof of the Trinity, if I’m correct.

Speaker: Dr. Carl Broggi

April 7, 2020

Dr. Carl Broggi

Teaching Pastor

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