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The Bible Line - April 6, 2021



Fred F., Beaufort, SC - In your Easter morning message you stated "Jesus suffered when Satan abused him" I did not understand. Could you explain how. And if so, when?

Kirk, a listener from Beaufort, SC - He is trying to do God's will. He is in good shape and athletic, but is convicted about occasionally smoking a cigar...and also watches some movies that God convicts him on. What should he do?

Chris, Hiram, GA - I've heard that Ezra arranged the original order of the Old Testament books and Jesus confirms it in Luke 24:44. It is also said the apostle John ordered the New Testament books. These orders were later changed by Jerome in the 4th century. It would seems that if the Jews had a certain order to the books, that it'd be wise to keep that order. Is there really any significance to this or to the original order of the books?

Paula, Colorado Springs, CO - Concerning Matthew 10:1: Jesus gave his twelve disciples authority to drive out evil spirits and to heal every disease and sickness. Is this authority the Holy Spirit? Judas is included among the Twelve in verse 4. If Judas was never a believer, how could he receive this authority from Jesus?

Alberto, Savannah, GA - This listener has heard some preachers say that during the tribulation not all nations will align with the anti-Christ. What does Pastor Carl think about this which is contrary to what he taught in his series on the Revelation.

Courtney, Lincoln, NE - My adult son (27) began having episodes of sleep paralysis during graduate school. They are similar to night terrors, but he feels as though he is awake and aware, but unable to move. All of these episodes include demon-like creatures sitting on his chest, in the corner of his room, or chasing him. They last several minutes and end when he is able to fully wake. I had never heard of this before, but apparently it’s a relatively common medical condition. He is the most level headed, logical person and shrugs them off as something neurological that happens to him when he has been lacking sleep, but the demonic aspect of these is a bit unnerving. He does know the Lord. I would be interested to know if you have heard of this before and if you have any thoughts about possible spiritual implications

Sue, Beaufort, SC - In the parable of the sower I have heard it taught that the seed choked off by the thorns was someone who was saved but not living for the Lord. I have also heard it taught that that person is not saved, the only one saved in that parable is the one sown in the good soil. I would like to know which is the correct interpretation. I believe that only the seeds sown in the good soil are those who are saved.

Anonymous, Beaufort, SC - My friend doesn't believe their will be a 7 years tribulation because it doesn't specific that. When I read the book of Daniel and Revelation. I don't see it either. But I believe in the 7 years tribulation since I been taught that. How can I show my friend that their will be a 7 years tribulation. 

Sonya, Rincon, GA - Pastor Carl I was recently saved after watching many of your sermons online and have moved to GA and hope to attend church at CBC once a month (we live an hour away). I know that we, as saved people and the saints, are called to share our faith with others and I have recently started sharing my faith with my family. I feel especially called to share my faith with my sister who is gay. For many years this fact about her has not bothered me but now I am concerned for soul and I cannot bear the thought of her eternal torment. I feel as if she chose her lifestyle because of abuse we both suffered as children as she has lost all trust in men. I struggle with how to share the plan of salvation with her and the need to repent of sin without deeply offending her. She is currently struggling to parent her two children with her female partner and I do not want to throw her life into more turmoil because she thinks that I believe that she is living a life of sin. How can I approach this with her in a compassionate manner. I know how important this is and I don’t want to hesitate any longer because we do not know what tomorrow will bring. Thank you so much for your time. I have been praying on this.

Speaker: Dr. Carl Broggi

April 6, 2021

Dr. Carl Broggi

Teaching Pastor

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