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The Bible Line - April 21, 2020



Jacob - Dr Broggi, I am in need of some counsel regarding a situation in my local church. Our church is SBC and it is the best church we’ve been able to find in our city, but there are many things that are deeply troubling my wife and I. This past week an email was sent out to the congregation from the senior pastor stating that an urgent business matter needed attention. We were given very short notice to pray and respond with an online vote. The issue at hand was the senior pastor and the finance/personnel committees want to apply for a loan under the CARES Act, PPP (Payroll Protection Plan) through the Small Business Administration. Not much information was given or explained, except that it would be a blessing to our church and if we follow all the terms the loan would be completely forgiven. The loan amount is quite large. We were very disturbed by this. Our church is in debt, but our deficit for the year isn’t any worse than other times. We were told giving hasn’t really gone down since we began live streaming last month. By God’s grace my wife and I have actually increased our giving. A couple of things have bothered me in regards to this supposed “forgivable” loan. Is it biblical for a church to take money from the government? Our government is broke and spends more money than it can even try bringing in to offset the debt. Who is going to pay for this? I believe there is a principle in scripture that the local church should be supported by believers and giving is an act of worship to the Lord. I believe relying on God’s word, praying, fasting, and giving should be our focus during this time and trusting God for the future. I do not believe that this loan is going to be completely forgiven, and will end up causing more harm than good. We also received an email from our pastor letting us know personally that the church overwhelmingly passed it, and he wanted to know why we voted no. If you could offer any advice or help we would be very thankful.

If Jesus is God the Son, why does John 11:27 say Jesus is called Son of God?

David and Kim, Columbia, SC - What is the next book Pastor Broggi will be teaching from?

Anthony, Beaufort, SC - When we ask God for wisdom and the Bible says He will give it to us liberally...Are discernment and wisdom the same thing?

Paul - A situation comes up from time to time at our local church and I would appreciate your view. Christians who are in the country illegally come to church and enjoy the preaching and fellowship (as do we ) In general they are wonderful Christians who Love The Lord. The issue is about membership. One can't be "involved" in ministry without being a member. On the one hand they are in America illegally and breaking the law, on the other hand they came here as children and have built lives here. I called the local Congressman office and there is no pathway to legality or citizenship. Immigration doesn't care that people are in the country illegally as long as they aren't causing trouble. You see the dilemma Christian brothers and sisters, but in the country illegally.....? Thank you.

Speaker: Dr. Carl Broggi

April 21, 2020

Dr. Carl Broggi

Teaching Pastor

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