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Mothering From The Heart - February 5, 2014



Hello Audrey, I am not sure if this will reach you for the MFTH show today, but I wanted to send this either way. I have been struggling with a dear friend of mine who seems to be wandering farther and farther from the truth. She and her husband are seperated, and as it looks, not working too hard to get back together :( I am trying to be the constant light in her life, but my husband is very worried about my being around her because she is what we say, has no filter. A lot of the things she says are inappropriate, and although I have commented several times I don't want to hear that, it seems like she continues on. I don't want to abandon her, sometimes I feel like the rest of her friends are leading her down a horrible and destructive path, but I also want to honor my husband and his wishes. He has not asked me t o stop being around her, just to discuss her comments directly in conversation. I want to make the right decision for both myself and my family, as I know this is my first and foremost importatnt ministry. Any advice would be great, even on how to approach a conversation with my friend. Thank you for your constant Godly wisdom.

I am in a challenging situation. I became a born again Christian after I got married. My husband grew up in a religious but unsaved family. To often, his family uses Jesus's name as a joke, drink, cuss, gossip, say inappropriate things, etc. My family is not saved either and both my parents are religious as well. I know there is a big difference between being religious and having an intimate relationship with the Lord. I have been praying for all of their Salvation and I do see God working in their lives. My biggest challenge now is raising my young children. The more I read scripture and listen to Godly programs like this, God convicts my heart to raise my children in a Godly way. I now understand how important it is to be equally yoked with your husband. That is not my story so I have a lot of obstacles in front of me besides living in this crazy world. I know God can use this situation for his Glory but I often feel defeated. Luckily, my husband's family lives out of state and I feel comfortable addressing my family when things happen that are not appropriate. I don't know how to handle when his family says ungodly things, gossip, drink, etc. around my children when I am trying to teach them a completely different way of living in truth. My husband is a great guy and acts very appropriate around our children but doesn't fully understand the importance of homeschooling, going to Church regularly, tithing, etc. I often feel a lot of guilt because I may not be able to provide the same upbringing that most Christian families give their children and it makes me very sad. I could really use some encouragement, godly advice, and prayer for my situation. I have a strong conviction that a lot of mothers and wives may be facing this same challenge if they come into a relationship with Christ after they are married and have children. Thank you so much.

Speaker: Audrey Broggi

February 5, 2014

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