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Mothering From The Heart - February 18, 2021



A listener is wondering whether it's okay to watch movies like, War Room, since it includes Beth Moore in the cast. This question is because Audrey has previously warned against the teaching of Beth Moore.

Husbands and wives are one, but does that mean we have to tell each other everything? I'm talking about things in the past not current events that don't affect the relationship.

How can a mom serve right now? I have three kids and my husband's job keeps him working long hours and most days of the week, so I don't really have the option of volunteering my time unless I can bring the kids. 

What would you say to a mom who has post-partum depression.

Please recommend some books to read. I know once you said Elizabeth Eliot "Let Me Be a Woman" was a good read.

Holly - What kind of resources does Audrey offer regarding home-schooling. This listener has a 15-month-old, but wants to prepare now.

Speaker: Audrey Broggi

February 18, 2021

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