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The Bible Line - September 7, 2021



Gary, Walterboro, SC - When Adam and Eve sinned and God made them clothes of animal skins; was this God making a sacrifice for them for their forgiveness? To me, the Genesis 3 account does not say they repented and were forgiven. Did they have a relationship with God after the fall because they taught Cain and Able to sacrifice? They were not referred to as righteous in scripture as other people were. So were Adam and Eve saved?

Alberto, Savannah, GA - Does Pastor Carl think the Anti-Christ might be born in Bethlehem, or perhaps the town in which Pontius Pilate was born?

Gary, Yemassee, SC - What are Hasidic Jews? 

Trish V., Beaufort, SC - I'm studying your series on Bibliology. Today I was listening to "Evidence For Inspiration, Part 2" from July 22,2009. You mentioned a book on prophecy written by John Walvoord. You gave the title as the "Encyclopedia of Bible Prophecy". Can not find that title but did find one by that author called "Every Prophecy of the Bible". Is this the same? I am so glad that your sermon series are available for home study. This is about the seventh one I've done. By doing them daily the continuity is better. Would be easier with the handouts though.  Thanks for your dedication to lead God's flock with His teachings not what's popular.

Quentin, Beaufort, SC - As a new Christian I am having trouble with how to spend my recreation time. Being a father to young kids and maintaining a marriage my free time is limited. I try and use my free time to read and study my Bible. I have spent a lot of my adult life playing video games, watching movies, and reading (mostly fantasy book). As a Christian some things are easy to understand they have to go. But I am no longer sure how to spend my recreation time. Sometimes I feel guilty if I watch a movie at night, or reading a book because I am not reading my Bible. I try and read my Bible in the mornings, and during my kids naps, and at night, but sometimes want to spend that time doing other things. I guess the question is really, how do I spend my free time and if I watch a movie with my wife or read a book am I doing something wrong. And a second question as a pastor, do you think it is a bad thing to read fantasy genre books? 

Anna K., Beaufort, SC - Regarding the spiritual gift of discernment, I have a friend who says they have the gift and that it allows them to be able to see or hear "demonic happenings" I would like to know your thought on this issue. 

Speaker: Dr. Carl Broggi

September 7, 2021

Dr. Carl Broggi

Teaching Pastor

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