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The Bible Line - October 13, 2020



Alberto,Savannah,GA - How do I respond when the pastor's wife tells you the Word says not to argue, when you question the pastor's teaching or any guest speaker or church member in the congregation. If you can't question, doesn't the Apostle Paul command to expose false teaching or to test the spirits? If a church puts that policy in place then I can preach all kinds of heresies and prepare a last minute sermon or offer bible study that is false teaching. In essence the pastor is saying "Nobody can question me" and he justifies it by saying the Word of God is not to argue! What is your response to this question?

Katie, Hilton Head Island, SC - What does Samuel mean in 1 Sam. 28:19 when he says “tomorrow you and your sons will be with me”? I know he’s referring to Saul and his sons’ impending death but Is he saying that Saul will be in heaven? I happened to be finishing up my study in first Samuel as we finished your “Growing up in Christ” series in church this week. Since Saul had been walking in unrepentant sin and disobedience to God until that point I was wondering if this was a case of a Christian who had not grown up in faith— still redeemed but whose works would be burned up with the chaff.

Katie, Indiana - If there is a change in political parties in 2021, and a requirement is placed on pastors to no longer council homosexuals to come out of their lifestyle, does this mean pastors will also be required to perform marriage ceremonies for homosexuals...and if pastors do not comply will their churches lose their 501(c)(3) status? 

Glenn, St. Helena Island - What do you know about 119 Ministries?

Natalie, Charlotte, NC - Hi Dr. Broggi, I have been married for nearly 40 years, and while my husband and I are both believers, I have a personal relationship with Jesus and my husband chooses to only spend time with the Lord on Sundays. He finds that when I do Bible study it is excessive and is very resentful of the fact I attend a Bible Study. We attended a Presbyterian church for all of our marriage but I have been attending church with my daughter at her church (an SBC) and made the decision to get baptized (I was baptized as a baby since I was Presbyterian) as an adult and felt led to join the Baptist Church. My husband said he didn't care where he went to church, however he refuses to be baptized as an adult and thus will never join. Should I return to the Presbyterian church where he is still a member but never attends or is it OK to be a member of the church where I know preaches the gospel even though my husband refuses to join. Thanks Dr Broggi for your insight. Natalie

Steve, Switzerland: Hi Pastor Broggi, I've been listening to you for about 18 years now, ever since I got saved. I love your passion to teach and understand Scripture correctly, not as we may have been taught or as we would prefer to understand and believe. Your teachings in Romans on election and predestination have been especially enlightening to me. I was always thoroughly convinced of the traditional understanding of election but as you expounded on the Greek and Hebrew meanings of many words used in these passages, you brought a totally new understanding to this doctrine. I will say that I still struggle a bit with the overall understanding....I'm going to listen again though as it is quite "meaty"...!!

Deborah, Tyngsborough, Massachusetts - I have a question about severe mental illness. I have a dear friend who suffers greatly. I stand by this person in Christ. I give God's word in love on a regular basis. This person accepted Jesus in their 20's, but as time has gone by his mind has become more troubled. I have heard pastors preach very lightly, very generically on mental illness. This person has a doctor and is on medication but he is still severely tormented. I can't help but equate it with a small child who is starving for food in lets say a 3rd world country and someone is telling them about Jesus but they are dying of starvation and can't hear because their life saving needs are not met. Can you give me insight on how to help more. I feel he cannot hear me when I tell him God's word because his pain is so great. Thank you so much. Hearing you speak God's true word is very sobering to me and leads me to know how we should all revere God and accept his Son, his power to forgive and his great love for us before it is too late. 

A listener wants to know if a person dies without Christ do they immediately go to a place of torment and eternal horror, or do they 'float around' until the final judgment and the devil is thrown into the lake of fire?

Chris D., Hiram GA - What are some practical ways we can bless Israel today?

Speaker: Dr. Carl Broggi

October 13, 2020

Dr. Carl Broggi

Teaching Pastor

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