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The Bible Line May 16, 20233



(Live Dictation) - A listener from Savannah would like to know if there is a good children's Bible parents can read to their younger children?

Alberto, Savannah, GA (Live Caller) - I accepted Christ, but Other people are saying that I am not a believer. How should I handle this?

(Live Dictation) - A listener is struggling...she has faith and trusts in God...but lately crises seem to be non-stop. What does Pastor Carl think?

Scott, W. (Live Caller) - I just graduated high school, and I am looking at Christian Colleges, do you have any recommendations?

Bob, Okatie, SC - He is concerned about many people calling themselves "prophets". Some, for example, address issues like Bitcoin, and they'll Google something and show that this is something prophesied for the end times. They will point this listener to passages like Acts 2:17 and declare themselves to be part of this outpouring of the Spirit in the last days! Thoughts?

Keith, Kentucky (Live Caller) - I have a question on the bride of Christ, Can you please elaborate on this in the book of revelation?

Faye, Springfield - She was talking to a friend who is a Sunday School teacher. This friend says when unbelievers ask this person a spiritual question, this person tells them to look in the Bible. Faye is concerned that this person should help walk those asking the question through what God's Word is saying, and Faye gives 1 Cor. 2:14 as supporting Scripture. (The natural man does not understand the things of God because they are spiritually appraised

Jack F., Charleston, SC - Some witnesses for Christ are "one trick ponies." Their entire message is "Repent! Resist the devil. He is a liar." They are long on condemning the devil and short on glorifying God and mentoring new believers. Sometimes they are speaking to backsliding Christians whose continuing sins provide a foothold for the devil through their carnal weaknesses. We need witnesses for Christ that are Jeremiahs to point out our failures, but also Barnabases to equip and encourage us to resist the devil. There is more to the Gospel than bringing the unsaved (or backsliders) to repentance. How do we enhance the sanctification process in "milk drinkers?"

Dawson S., Beaufort, SC - I was wondering what to say to someone who thinks people can have a second chance after the rapture, Thanks.

Speaker: Dr. Carl Broggi

May 16, 2023

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