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The Bible Line - July 26, 2022



Joan U., Royston, GA - What is replacement theology and who believes in it? 

Abigail, Beaufort SC - Last month I participated in a month-long excavation project at an archaeological dig in Israel. One of the sponsoring schools for the dig was Brigham-Young University, the university affiliated with the Mormon church. I spoke with the Mormons on the excavation about their doctrine, but we were never able to get very far into a discussion as they kept saying Mormonism is simply another denomination of Christianity. Thus, they shut down conversation by simply agreeing with me. For example, I explained that Jesus is the Son of God and that man can only be saved by putting faith in Jesus's work on the cross. That is, Jesus is not simply another good man who set an example for us while here on earth so we could try and lead better lives. They said they "agreed" with that premise, which, if so, I'm not sure what differentiates Mormons from another denomination. If we believe Jesus is the Son of God who saves us, there may be doctrinal differences between one denomination and another, but isn't this the main point of Christianity? I am now struggling to identify the key parts of the Mormon doctrine that make it a cult. I've heard it described as a cult of Christianity my whole life, but the Mormons I met were very good at saying that they are Christians just like I am. What are specific reasons that make Mormonism and Christianity not the same? I want to be able to share my faith with people I met on the trip who are part of the Mormon church and currently consider me a "sister in Christ." Any key points and Scripture references would be very helpful as I have an upcoming Zoom call to discuss the differences in doctrine, and my goal is to share biblical truth.

Alberto, Savannah, GA - Why do ministers, after years of teaching heresy, suddenly get enlightened, and begin teaching the truth.

Calvin, Baskerville, VA - Could you provide a deep commentary on Psalm 82? Cross-references, books that could be helpful, etc. Thanks for your help.

Helen I., from a country in Africa - Dear Sir/Ma... I read your article about female teachers and wow...I do have questions though. You said a woman's place is in the kitchen and I agree that there's nothing with women being homely and taking care of their homes as a matter of fact, it is good and Godly to do so but my first question is, what happens to single ladies? Are they useless in life and to God until a good man comes along, marries them and gives them purpose? Do you believe that they are people who are not called to marry? What would you say about Paul's advise to both single men and women to stay single if then can because doing so enables them to serve God fully without any distraction? I couldn't help but notice the tone of disgust in your article about women and how easily they can be deceived and my question is are women the only set of people who get deceived? In my Country in Africa, the gospel of health and wealth is the only known gospel and this gospel is preached by men. Who then is deceiving who? They are just a few people who have spoken out against this false gospel and a lot of this few are actually women. Shocking? If women cannot help but be deceived and to deceive others what then is the role and the place of the Holy Spirit? Is he not supposed to help our weaknesses and bring us to all truth? What about the Bible? When a woman is supposedly deceiving any one, shouldn't such person search the scriptures to find out if what she's saying is true or false? Do we all not have access to the scriptures to know the truth for ourselves now? Do women not know how to read so that they can read scriptures for themselves, so that they can decipher right and wrong, godliness and ungodliness, so that they can rightly divide God's word? Is God's Spirit, his Spirit of wisdom, truth and Godliness, the holy Spirit not poured out on them too? Can they not also be considered dead to Sin so that they can live to the glory of God just as men too? Should they just believe that they are inherently incapable of not being deceived and that the moment they share from the Bible what is actually written in it with a man, they somehow have been deceived and are immediately capable of deceiving? Is this what the Bible teaches that we, both male and female, should believe about our rebirth in Christ? That women are somehow inherently still foolish and stupid despite the new nature we have in Christ? Are you telling me this mindset of yours is the truth and not heresy? I really want to know because I'm confused. Before reading yours (and other articles like yours) as a woman who knows I have the gift of teaching, I found my identity in Christ and not in any mistake that Eve made but after reading y'all's article, I don't know anymore.

Betty B., Louisville, KY - Dr. Broggi I have listened to your sermons a few times and I appreciate your insight. I live in Louisville KY and attend Southeast Christian Church. The church has a least 14 satellite off-site churches through out the area. Kyle Idleman is senior pastor and I feel he is misleading the church in his sermons. One weekend he had Sam Allberry preach to us and I felt he was trying to get us to soft-think about gay issues. This is wrong as far as I hear Gods word. This is only one thing he has done that I think is going the wrong way, and I have tried to tell others who go to the church but they put me down and say I am wrong. I would like to know your view on this Pastor and his sermons. I even tried to get him to tell our people about the Rapture and end times and the position of the church. His answer to me was "while we avoid using extra biblical language to identify our interpretations, we try to frequently preach and teach about the return of Christ. The primary message in the Bible is to be ready for His return , so that has been our primary focus." I thank you in advance and above all,. May God bless you for your work Sorry this is so long but after watching "Enemies within the Church" I feel people need more on the truth of God.

Speaker: Dr. Carl Broggi

July 26, 2022

Dr. Carl Broggi

Teaching Pastor

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