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The Bible Line - December 6, 2011



If a person is truly saved & serves God for 10 years & then leaves their calling do they lose all the rewards they may have earned for the ten years they served? What does Pastor Carl think about theophostic prayer therapy? This woman read that someone was in this process and the caller wasn’t sure if this is a good idea. Do we go to heaven right away, as Christians, when we die. Or are we “asleep” until the Lord comes again? A caller wants Pastor Broggi to expound on Exodus 4. Also, what is the meaning of a reprobate. A listener in Guangzhou, China: I’m very thankful to have the opportunity to listen to Search the Scriptures online. As an American working in China and I lead a kind of live-action version of the sort of Bible Q&A that Dr. Broggi does so well. Needless to say, I’m listening with rapt attention trying to catch up and hear every episode. Because the format is almost exactly the same as what we’re doing out here in China, there is no question that doesn’t interest me because I’m always thinking, “Oh no! What if one my students asks that!?” So my request is this on a show October 4th, a reader asks about a book on prayer. You recommend some authors (whom I believe are unavailable to me out here in China) but then you reference your “tapes” that contain your past teachings. I often hear reference to these “tapes”. I would very much like to purchase them, but I don’t want them shipped to me here in China (I’ve had too many things lost in the mail that way). Is there an online / mp3 version available for purchase? If so, would it be possible to put a link to said “tape” right on the website for each episode? Something like, “For the tape Dr. Broggi refers to in this episode, click here”. On the news report earlier this morning, I heard a story about a woman who bakes cakes out of her home who was approached by a lesbian couple to bake their wedding cake. She refused, explaining to them that she was a Christian and it went against her beliefs. The lesbian couple is now suing her. I was wondering what would be the right thing to do in a case like that. My first response was that I would have refused them too, but then I thought about how I could take that opportunity to pray for the couple the whole time I was baking their cake and use this situation to be a witness for Christ. What are your thoughts on this? I was thinking about the Gospel Story and something occurred to me that I submit here for your review: You know how the bible says that Jesus experienced all our human temptations and desires, but never sinned? You know how your perspective on something changes when that something happens to you? You know how when a person realizes they’re lost and admits it to God and then calls on the name of the Lord and gets saved? Well, when Jesus was on the cross and took our sin upon Himself, and God turned his back on Jesus and Jesus said “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” at that moment Jesus experienced what it was like to be lost, and yet did not sin and had not sinned. So Jesus actually knows what it feels like to be lost. The Bible says that Jesus went to the cross out of obedience to the Father and love for us. He endured the scourging and shame, carried His cross, and held Himself on the cross, in obedience to the Father and out of love for us. Then at the end God turned His back on Him. I wonder if at that moment Jesus’ love and compassion for the lost reached a new dimension because He then understood what it feels like to be lost. A listener wants to know approximately how many references there are in the Bible, where the Lord literally said “write this down.” A listener in NC has a question of predestination and election…why would God create people only to go to hell? Why do some denominations that require works or baptism as a condition of salvation is in error. There are so many from these denominations that are so close to salvation but do not quite have the correct theology.

Speaker: Dr. Carl Broggi

December 6, 2011

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