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The Bible Line - August 23, 2011



I am baptized Catholic but have recently run into some issues with the CC due to the fact that I became catholic after being married but never had my marriage “validated” by the church…so now I cannot recieve communion and am told that I am living in a state of mortal sin out of communion with God. What fo you think about this? Does the Bible indicate that I have to be married in a church? What denominations do you recommend? I am conservative, and have strong conservative views regarding abortion, euthanasia, homosexuality, etc. and therefore have problems with liberal denominations like Episcopalians, Presbyterians, etc. that condone such things. What else is left? Any suggestions for local RI churches? Would it be right and holy acceptable to God for a Christian singing group like Moody Bible or Liberty University choirs to perform in a concert with a secular singer like Madonna or the Jackson 5 for the sake of witnessing to the unsaved? Would that be true worship and can gospel songs be joined with ungodly songs in the spirit of trying to reach everyone? If it is right, who would plan something like this, would it be a pastor? Was Paul taught by Christ Himself after being blinded on the road to Damascus? If God wanted us to have free will, why did He have the tree of forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden? When God sent Jesus to this world did He send Him inerrant? Is there an example in scripture that would model the Godly way to be intimate with your spouse? I was saved recently, and I am praying to find the church The Lord wants me to attend for fellowship. To my surprise every church I have visited, most of the women have very short hair. From personal bible study, it appears that Paul spoke that a woman should have long hair in I Cor. 11. Why is this topic not addressed in most pulpits today? Our church is preparing for a church-wide study of Blackaby’s ‘Experiencing God’ beginning in September. John McArthur has expressed concern with the component of this study is that the main way the Holy Spirit leads believers is by speaking to them directly…this is leading more and more churches, even Southern Baptists, to have “words from the Lord” voiced in the congregation. My concern is that this initiative is a whole church immersion of this study; all home study groups will be soon studying this material including the curriculum for children. What was the need for Christ’s scourging? Where in scripture does it address a time when Jesus Christ did not have a body and that, at Christmas, we celebrate His coming in bodily form.

Speaker: Dr. Carl Broggi

August 23, 2011

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