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The Bible Line - August 16, 2011



Did Christ actually go to Hell? Why did He go there? How long was He there? Can you comment on this relative to Creeds.

Is it okay for a Christian to have an unsaved friend and this caller would like to know if Pastor Carl has any unsaved friends?

Emmanuel from Beaverdale, PA asked: Christmas to celebrate or not. There so many pagan origins concerning Christmas should a child of God celebrate such a holiday.

Who is the disciple Jesus is talking about in John 21:20?

If a husband is trying to keep his saved wife from church what should the wife do.

Roger from Worcester, MA - When liberals equate evolution with creation should not the children of God always point to scripture for everything.

Leland from West Greenwich, RI - I have been struggling with finding "the" Bible that suits all my needs....I have finally found an okay system using a Thompson Chain Reference Bible in NKJV with the single volume MacArthur Commentary........what translation/study bible do you recommend? I have much to learn so some sort of study bible is necessary---I cant settle on which one or translation....I tend to gravitate towards the NKJV and NASB but am not sure---the HCSB seems okay and actually uses the term "slave" instead of servant etc which leads me to believe it may be a straight-shooting translation. Any suggestions for a good bible?

A listener had been taught that in Genesis 1:1 where it says "In the beginning God created heaven and earth" the passage is referring to two heavens...and if so, when was satan kicked out of heaven?

Speaker: Dr. Carl Broggi

August 16, 2011

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