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Mothering From the Heart - January 14, 2021



The majority of people I work with are living in relationships that do not match Biblical teaching. They are either male/female unmarried and lifing together or female/female living with each other. They often talk about their relationships at work and/or break-up and date again within the workplace. How can I not be affected by this? What is the appropriate response?

How can I speak with a niece who lives with her children's dad who is not married. I've shared Christ with her before. I even brought her to church with me twice and she does not attend church. She has five children and she's proud of the way she lives. Please help.

How can I spank my kids when I was beat as a kid?

Do you raise your son to know his part on being a man? Does he have authority over his siblings (older and younger)?

In light of our culture, how should be dress and be modest? Can you be specific....clothes, style, pants, tightness, length, etc.? Where do we as women draw the line and still have freedom to express our individuality?

Personal fulfillment: What does God say? How do we shift focus from ourselves and do what God wants? Will this make me happy? I don't want to be guilty of being a woman who is seeking to please self. I want to please God. Can you tell me where to start.

Is there a "gentle" way to let an unmarried couple (friends) know that when they come to visit, they can't stay at your house?

Speaker: Audrey Broggi

January 14, 2021

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