The Bible Line - April 15, 2014

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A caller wants Dr. Broggi to comment about John MacArthur's New King James Bible commentary which omits a particular section in Acts chapter 8. 

Corin, New Haven, CT: I'm having doubts about my salvation because of a realization I had recently, that most of my faith in the Bible and Jesus lies in logic rather than by faith. I'm 21 and was recently baptized and have fallen into a bit of complacency in recent months. I spend a lot of time in your sermons and in apologetics and science. 

I caught myself thinking about if there is no God. I realized that what I believe in detail is that there is a God based on logic, philosophy and wishful thinking. To me it makes sense to spend your life worshipping a God for an eternal reward. It's easy to choose Jesus when you decide there is a God. In fact, I 100% believe Jesus is God IF there is a God, but what if don't 100% believe there is a God? Basically, I have spent my time knocking down other religions in favor of Jesus and now I have gotten to the point of "No God vs. Jesus". I did not realize I felt this way until recently and it is very unsettling. 
Have I seen God with my own eyes, have I touched Him or heard him speak to me? If the answer is no then how can i be 100% sure? At this point in my life I see that Jesus being God just makes sense, especially when you look at the evidences in the Bible, but if the idea that there may not be a God is in the back of mind is my salvation questionable? If I had a multiple choice test I would choose all the right answers for salvation according to the Bible, but I wouldn't know for sure whether i got an A or an F after taking it. In other words, I rely on Christianity and attempt to live to God's standard everyday but does that even matter if I'm just banking on that being right and not 100% sure I'm right?

Who are the people who say “Lord, Lord” and Jesus says – “I never knew you.” 2. who is the person at the wedding feast who is not wearing proper clothes and is cast out. Also, who are the goats. Lastly, in Revelation it says no liar, fornicator, adulterers will not enter the kingdom heaven. – if someone truly believes in Jesus Christ's  blood atonement, but maybe they fall, is it possible for you to believe you are saved but actually be one of these three categories.

A listener has always been confused on whether he really has the choice to accept Christ. He knows that Pastor Carl had been preaching on this recently. Which message ought he listen to?

Jacob, Texas Need some counsel on a issue that we have recently discovered in our local church.  We recently joined a church after leaving our previous church due to compromising truth.  We just found out that this new church we joined is Cooperative Baptist.  We did not know this until they sent out a mailing for an Easter offering to give to the Cooperative Missions fund.  We were pretty shocked because we assumed it was either Southern Baptist or not affiliated at all (we now know to be more discerning and research).  The pastor says that the Bible is totally true and referred to 2 Timothy 3.  That seems to contradict what Cooperative Baptist is all about, so why be affiliated and support them?  Could you give some practical tips on finding a sound church? What questions to ask? It is sad how hard it is getting to find a healthy Gospel centered church.

1 Corinthians 14:33 says God is not the author of confusion yet there are times when this caller hears Pastor Carl read a scripture on a Sunday morning and the reality or magnitude of it hits this caller and he just wants to applaud God's Word. Is this causing confusion?

My Coworker told me yesterday that God works outside of the bible and that it is possible to learn about Christ from a Buddhist. His reasoning is that because we are created in the image of God, so each and every one of us has a kernel of God within us. I told him that God would not go against His own word. I also told him that, that line of thinking is so dangerous because he was trying to explain infinite God with a finite mind. He accused me of putting God in a box. What are your thoughts on this matter.

Why is wisdom referred to in the Proverbs as "she"? Jesus also refers to wisdom as "she". Why is this?


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