The Bible Line - July 22, 2014

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David: The border crisis is awful in New Mexico. Does the Bible say anything about our resposibility? I don't want to be harsh but it does not seem right.
Should a person who believes he or she is saved worry about their salvation if they continue to partake of a sin that brings them pleasure but they know is sin? At what point do we cross the line between a new Christian struggling with sin over to a mature Christian who should be able to not want to sin against God? Is that a sign the person did not experience a true conversion?
In Genesis 32 where Jacob is wrestling the Angel of the Lord, what is this all about?
Ruth and Boaz' marriage violated the Law of Israel because Ruth was a Moabitess, but Pastor Broggi preached a message where he said someone could become a Jew. Where was this passage and did it apply to Ruth?
A Christian should not have anger and resentment towards another Christian, but what should a Christian do if they find out that a person seriously wronged him before they became Christians? Is it natural for us to have a feeling of wanting revenge and how do we work this out in our own heart?
Lisa T., Bluffton, SC I just learned in Sunday's sermon that women should not teach men. Would you clarify this for me so I know if I am doing something wrong. I am a NRA Certified Firearms instructor. My husband and I have a business. I teach men, women and children. I teach a few classes per month when my kids are spending time with grandma. Should I only be teaching women. 
What should a Christian do if he knows that a fellow Christian is involved with sexual immorality and has no intention of changing his behavior? In 1 Corinthians we are told not to keep company with them so should we totally separate ourselves from this person? Should we advise them to get Christian counselling or go to the Elders? What is our responsibility as Christians?
Doug L., Nashua , NH I was listening to a message I think on the 8th of July about apostles and disciples and apostles were call by God such as Paul. I didn’t hear all of the sermon and wanted to hear it on one of your podcasts but I can't find it? Hopefully you can help? Thank you and God bless.
A caller would like to know Pastor Broggi's view on whether a Christian is free to marry again if his or her husband divorced them even though they did not wanted to stay in the marriage. Neither husband or wife is married again but there is no desire for reconciliation on the wife's part. What does the Bible say. This caller will replay Bible Line to hear Pastor Carl's answer as they are driving through the area.


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