The Bible Line - April 22, 2014

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David, Bluffton, SC -  Were there others in the Bible besides David that suffered God's consequences for having more than one wife? 

Tammy, Naples, ItalyThis week my cousin asked me what happens when we die? Can you please help me respond to him with scripture. His question : "To be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord?" So, when we die do we instantly go to be with the Lord. Thanks so much for your help.

A listener attends a church where the pastor and his wife both preach and are involved in church issues. This caller says this is very common in some of the African American churches and she is wondering if it is scriptural to have a man and woman share the pulpit? If it is not, how should she as a Christian encourage her church to understand that it is not scriptural. Also, is this a salvation issue?

In Rev. 12 where the Archangel Michael fight against the dragon, is this the same scenario as the serpent in the garden of Eden tempting Eve?

Gil, Waterbury, CT - You discussed in your series on spiritual gifts an event in Boston where the Moonies attempted to take over a church. Please describe "Congregationalism" and why it is the wrong form of church polity and what you feel is Biblical.

Joe, Portland, Maine - What scriptures are in the Bible that deal with church membership and are elections for church positions (trustees, elders, auditors, etc) Biblical?


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