The Bible Line - August 26, 2014

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Emmanuel, Cordova, Tennessee Question: Dr. Broggi, Good Morning. Upon reading 1 Timothy 2:9, in what contextual meaning does the verse point to in terms of women being "not with braided hair?" Is it time specific? I ask because my wife and I are both black and desire clarification on this subject. Though I know this a small thing, we are rather curious about it. Secondly, I desire to know the Word of God explicitly with meaning, understanding, and interpretation as I have come to know you do through your STS application. How do I go about knowing if I am capable so that I am knowledgeable to spread the Gospel in whatever capacity God has set fit for my life? By the way I would love to attend DTS but it seems intimidating.

Why is WAGP dropping Moody Broadcasting Network?

What is the balance between being "in the world but not of the world" and being "all things to all men."

What are reliable sources of biblical teaching. For example, does Pastor Carl know if Calvary Chapel, CSN or TBN are reliable teaching sources?

Has Dr. Broggi read the book "The Boy Who Met Jesus" and if so, what are his thoughts about it?

Abigail: What is your personal opinion on the movie, Heaven is for Real? What is the Biblical response to such experiences that the child in the movie supposedly had?

Kelvin Jackson, Shelburne, NEW HAMPSHIRE  Recently a new couple moved into our small town and we were considering inviting them over to dinner, but found out they are Mormon. They are not coming tour home to teach us (at our door), so should we have them over to share Christ or speak to them in another setting?


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